How Higher Education is Changing the FM Occupation

The facility management profession is growing rapidly, and higher education is responding accordingly. Facility management is becoming an increasingly popular area of study and development as the next generation of workers begins to evaluate the role as a core business function and sees the opportunities that are available.

Today’s Facility Manager recently published an article entitled, “Professional Development: Changing Face of Facility Management,” in which the author explains that the next generation of facility managers (FMs) will require a more broad skillset than previous generations.

The FMs of the future will not only have to possess a wide variety of qualities (multi-tasking skills, confidence, comfort with responsibility, and an understanding of how to make buildings/organizations function efficiently), but also incorporate a broad skill set, knowledge of space planning, ability to negotiate real estate and integrate sustainability. Because of these growing expectations, the demand for formal education is on the rise and academic credentials are becoming a requirement to enter the industry.

In addition to this expectation of a higher education, the new generations of FMs are naturally bringing further incorporation of technology to the industry along with them. This next generation of technology savvy professionals will undoubtedly make an immediate impact on organizations who have more experienced FMs within their organization who need assistance dealing with the steep learning curve of implementing new tech and software.

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