Storm Safety Tips for Elevators

It’s always important to take proper precautions regarding elevator maintenance and safety, and especially so when bad weather is forecast. Today’s Facility Manager reports on a number of tips to help ensure safety before a storm hits.

For starters, place a diagram of elevators and list of elevator car phones in a designated security area. In the elevator machine room, inspect ventilation openings, windows and doors for rain leakage. If moisture is found, install metal splash guards around any areas that open to the outdoors. Learn the emergency systems and be sure there is surge protection, a reliable back up power generator or a hydraulic emergency return system. Be certain that all emergency lighting and telephones are functional.

Before potentially dangerous weather arrives, close off all vents and openings at the top of the hoistway. After making certain there are no remaining occupants, barricade the machine room. Run elevator cars to the middle floor of tall buildings and to the second story on a two-story structure. Outside elevator cars should be placed the floor below the top. Shut the elevator down with the keyed switch to stop unauthorized usage. Once the storm has passed, look for water leaks before restarting an elevator.

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